Jo Actively Trying Personal Lubricant*

JO Actively Trying helps couples maintain that sense of sensuality while trying to conceive. Actively Trying is a specialized lubricant designed to maintain an environment conducive to fertilization. Unlike typical lubricants, Actively Trying has been formulated - and tested - to optimize sperm motility. Simultaneously, it delivers the silky-smooth feel and comforting glide of our water-based lubricant, making it easy for couples to connect on a sensual level as well.
Key Features
  •  Optimized for Sperm Motility
  •  pH Balanced Formula
  •  Water-Based Lubricant
  •  Silky-Smooth Feel
  •  Comforting Glide
  •  Made in the USA
  •  FDA Licensed  
  •  ISO Certified 
  •  100% Pleasure Guarantee