Faux Leather Collar And Pasties


Step into a captivating world of sinful temptation with the Devil Fashion Faux Leather Collar with Chains and Nipple Pasties. This fascinating accessory cleverly balances between a harness and a collar and is perfect for exciting fetish stylings.

The collar presents itself in the form of a classic Kent collar and is made of impressively authentic-looking faux leather with a subtle grain. A strap and buckle allow an individual fit for closing at the neck. Flat studs along the collar and two eye-catching spiked studs at the collar tips evoke the look of a button-down shirt collar and lend an excitingly powerful look. A centrally placed O-ring at the front of the collar not only serves as an eye-catcher but also offers versatile fixing options.

Two seductive chains are attached to the O-ring and lead down to the cross-shaped nipple pasties. These faux leather nipple pasties artfully blend into the aesthetic of the collar and are also decorated with studs that emphasise their powerful appeal. The O-rings on the Nipple Pasties are reminiscent of nipple piercings and add an extravagant touch to the overall look.