Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage A Trois Kit*


Introducing the Hemp Seed Massage A Trois – a luxurious blend of Hemp Seed and Argan Oils that will transport you to a state of pure pleasure and relaxation. This unisex massage lotion is designed to provide a sensual experience like no other, leaving your skin satin smooth and nourished.

• Luxurious Blend: Our massage lotion is specially formulated with a blend of Hemp Seed and Argan Oils, known for their deep moisturizing properties. This unique combination creates the perfect glide for a sensual massage that will leave your skin feeling silky and rejuvenated.

• Full Body Pleasure: Indulge in a full – body massage experience with our Hemp Seed Massage A Trois. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or explore new levels of intimacy with your partner, this lotion is the perfect companion for a pleasurable experience.

• Multiple Scents: Choose from three enticing scents to enhance your massage experience. The Isle Of You scent combines the refreshing notes of coconut water, citrus, and vanilla, creating a tropical escape. Naked In The Woods offers a delicate blend of white tea and ginger, adding a touch of sophistication to your massage. For those with a sweet tooth, Skinny Dip combines the irresistible aroma of vanilla and cotton candy, creating a playful and indulgent atmosphere.