Booze Implant Hidden Flask*


Bigger Boobs and Cheaper Booze, it's every girl's dream. These breast implant shaped flasks are the perfect way to have a great time. First, when filled they give your bust a boost, then when you need them they are bursting with booze. You may have not been looking for a flask in the shape of a breast implant, but honey, you found them!

How Do You Use The Booze Implants?

You can fill them up with the supplied, funnel. The funnel collapses afterward so it isn't too bulky.

Each implant holds 4 oz., so 8 oz. capacity for the pair. That's quite a bit of the hard stuff.

With the cost of drinks climbing, stuffing some in your bra sounds like a pretty good idea. 

Note: These implants are reusable, but a little tough to clean, so we suggest you stick with hard alcohol. Filling them with strawberry margaritas is not advised.