AfterGlow Intimate Wipes*


AfterGlow Cleansing Tissues for Intimate Fitness™

  • Gentle, moisturizing and pH balanced for intimate skin
  • Cooling and calming on skin
  • Excellent at removing odor and lube from body and personal massagers
  • The most trusted and convenient way to clean any type of personal massager
  • Convenient tissue format allows a quick, effective cat wash
  • Offers a lint free clean
  • Scented with Bergamot essential oils – a natural deodorant
  • No parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerin or dyes
  • Resealable pack contains 20 pre-moistened tissues
  • Individual Travel Wipes fit perfectly in a purse or wallet
  • Loved by men and women

You have just discovered the most convenient, guess proof and effective way to clean yourself, your partner and pleasure accessories. So before and after sex, post yoga class cat wash, on a plane or camping, refresh and calm your skin. AfterGlow cleansing tissues for Intimate Fitness™ are your new best friend. AfterGlow intimate cleansing tissues are pH balanced and soothingly gentle to clean, refresh and restore sensitive skin.

Afterglow wipes are a Chocolate Walrus favorite! These wipes sanitize and disinfect so you and your toys stay clean! No water needed, just wipe down the area that needs a bit of refreshing and you’re all set! These wipes also don’t leave behind any fibers either, which is incredibly important for toy care and general hygiene. As an extra plus these wipes can be used for almost anything, not just for sexy time! Refresh after the gym, take off your makeup in a pinch, wipe down sticky hands, and more, whenever you need a fresh start, or a clean end. 

Individual Wipes come in a minimum of 5 wipes, but feel free to message us if there's a larger amount you need.