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Viagra cialis levitra order online, Buy viagra italy


Designed and manufactured by Fever
Made in the United Kingdom
Fever Wig Style: “Lola”
Description: Blunt Cut Bob with Fringe, 12inch/30cm.
Product Features:
  • Manufactured with a fully adjustable, high quality wig cap
  • Heat resistant up to 120 degrees
  • Natural looking, professional grade fibre
  • Washable and styleable

Viagra cialis levitra order online, Buy viagra italy

12″ long blunt cut bob wig with fringe, adjustable wig cap and natural faux skin crown.
Blunt dramatic edge with a lot of volume and movement.

Add instant glamour with fashion wigs from The Fever Collection. Get fun and flirty with a pink coloured wig or indulge your inner style vixen with auburn or blonde. Perfect your look with a variety of lengths and styles to choose from. With a heat resistance up to 120°C The Fever Collection fashion wig range can styled with tongs or straighteners and even hand washed to re-create a new look again and again.

Additional Colors Available:

  • Auburn | Black | Blonde | Brown | Royal Blue | Hunter Green | Purple | Red

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs