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DIVA DOLPHIN – Playful Power

  • A friendly, welcoming shape
  • A BATTERY+ vibe – the most powerful battery toys out there
  • Steady power throughout the battery life
  • 4 Speeds & 6 Patterns
  • Upgrade with HYBRID KIT to charge rechargeable batteries inside the toy
  • Body-safe materials — love yourself
  • Waterproof — get wet

Cheap generic viagra cgv, Viagra shop uk


We’ve taken a classic FUN FACTORY shape and revamped it with our groundbreaking BATTERY+ motor. DIVA DOLPHIN has the most powerful vibration of any battery-operated toy, and can take both regular and rechargeable batteries, for an eco-conscious toy that never needs to wait on a charge. Love rechargeable toys? BATTERY+ smart charging technology lets you charge rechargeable batteries inside the toy when you upgrade with the HYBRID KIT. Yup, we’ve invented and patented a completely new technology so that you can use a powerful vibrator whenever you want to.

  • Smart charging technology distinguishes between regular and rechargeable batteries
  • Deep, rumbling vibration
  • Use as soon as you get home!
  • Steady power throughout the battery life
  • Lock function for easy travel
  • Quiet & discreet
  • Intuitive button control
  • Easy on/off with FUN button
  • LED charge indicator light
  • Upgrade with our HYBRID KIT
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany

 offers a deep, rumbling vibration that’s comparable to our most popular rechargeable toys, with all the on-the-spot convenience of batteries. Unlike other battery toys, though, this vibe keeps the same level of power from beginning to end, never petering out as the battery runs out of juice.

Got some standard batteries in the remote? You’re good to go. Feeling eco-friendly? This vibe takes rechargeable batteries as well. Wish you never had to change the batteries? Upgrade with a HYBRID KIT, and charge your batteries inside the toy! Our smart charging technology can tell the difference between regular and rechargeable batteries, for a hassle-free charge.

’s design isn’t just playful: it’s also perfect for lots of different kinds of play, from penetration to targeted external vibration.

Use the DIVA DOLPHIN on your schedule — not just when you remember to charge it. Thanks to the convenience of batteries, this toy is always ready to play.

Buying a last-minute gift for your partner or a treat for your weekend getaway? Don’t spend the whole evening waiting for a toy to charge! This is one luxury toy that’s always ready for romance.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs

Blue, Pink