Fun Factory G-Spot Vibrator-Tiger*



Curious about the TIGER’s ridges? We love them because they create a rippling sensation every time you move the toy in or out. So, more awesome feelings with every thrust, without you having to make any extra effort. It’s a little extra bang for your, well, bang. 

Even better, this popular shape is made with FlexiFUN Technology™. Its flexible silicone shaft moves with you, making a plethora of positions possible.

Fully rechargeable, high quality, medical grade silicone vibrator. Unique design provides a ridged sensation on every stroke combined with a deep rumbling vibration. Ring shaped handle makes it easy to hold onto.

8.78" x 0.79-1.61"

*IMPORTANT: Due to supply chain disruptions and shortages that are causing delays for some Fun Factory colors, please allow for the possibility of delayed shipment or email for confirmation if color is available.